The safety and well-being of students in our communities is our top priority. To achieve this goal, we coach a select group of community members on our tailored Community Guidelines. We empower these trained community moderators to quickly identify and remove content that violates these guidelines.

Across all our communities, our Guidelines take an active and strict stance against bullying and harassment and are designed to foster safer connections online. We do differentiate specific policies between our College and High School communities. In particular, our High School guidelines have a far stricter bar for discussions relating to drugs, violence, and sex.

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Fizz Community Guidelines for Colleges

High School Guidelines

If you see content that you believe violates any of these guidelines, please click the flag icon on any post or comment to report it to the community moderators at your school. For more specifics on how our community moderation system works, click here.

Reminder: Fizz is not affiliated with or connected to any educational institution. The views expressed within a Fizz Social community do not represent the views of Fizz the organization or the educational institution where the aforementioned community members attend or have attended.