If you see content that you believe violates any of these guidelines, please click the flag icon on any post or comment to report it to the community moderators at your school. For more specifics on how our community moderation works, click here.

❌ Personal Attacks and Bullying

Do not use the platform to jeopardize the safety of or create a danger for any individual or group

Do not use or solicit identifiable information of another individual student in a negative or mean-spirited context

Humor, criticism, and discussion about identifiable school staff or student groups is permitted so long as the real-world safety of all parties is preserved

<aside> 💡 General Rule: Don’t attack anyone and don’t use another student’s personal info to be mean


❌ Hate Speech

We strictly prohibit any form of hate speech - defined as engaging in prejudice based on race, class, age, body type, ability, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation — against any individual or group, including public figures and faculty / staff.

<aside> 💡 General Rule: Be tolerant and respect everyone, regardless of their background


❌ Misinformation

Do not post any purposefully misleading or untrue information.

Do not impersonate other individuals, both within and outside the community (e.g., celebrities, politicians).

<aside> 💡 General Rule: Don’t spread lies or pretend to be someone else