In the Fall of 2020, we were Freshmen at Stanford University and noticed a lack of connection and authenticity on a campus grappling with covid restrictions. There was no centralized platform—Stanford was defined by groups of people who failed to communicate with each other.

We thus set out to create Fizz, a private campus-specific platform that facilitates authentic conversations while being properly moderated by other students in the community. After launching Fizz at Stanford in the summer of 2021, we observed how the community came together - events became more inclusive, real-time information was readily available, and relationships were born in the direct messages.

By the end of the Fall Quarter, over 80% of Stanford undergraduates had made Fizz their one-stop shop for campus life, including memes, events, meeting classmates, commerce, and just a place to speak their mind. We saw that unlike existing social apps, Fizz had completely changed the culture, creating a wholesome, intimate, and uplifting online space through proper community-based moderation.

We have now set our sights on spreading the positive impacts we’ve seen Fizz have on the Stanford community to other schools across the country. To do so, we closed a seed funding round in December 2021 and have since focused on expanding our team and product. Throughout the following months, we have been launching Fizz at a handful of other schools, prioritizing moderation and community health to ensure that the platform upholds our values.

Overall, we can’t wait to see what Fizz becomes and are ecstatic to spread a platform of inclusivity and authenticity to students across the country!

From Buzz to Fizz: Anonymous social platform takes off at Stanford